Social Media Has Elevated Watching Awards Shows

If you’re not live tweeting the awards show are you even really watching? In the past 10 years social media has changed the dynamics of award season across the globe, giving every viewer with a twitter account a chair at the critics table. And as someone that always has an opinion on music and TV, my twitter fingers are always ready.

Social media has created a space where audiences on every couch in the world feel like they are in an exclusive group chat speaking about their favourite awards, from the outfits rocked at the red carpet to all the emotional and sometimes awkward acceptance speeches and everything else in between. That sentiment hasn’t changed during socially distanced shows, if anything - it has created a more intimate setting because our favourite stars are consuming the live show just exactly as we are.

We’ve seen award shows roll out in 2020 and they’ve gotten better with each one, each show has found a way to make the digital experience as realistic as possible. The E! People’s Choice Awards is the latest anticipated awards ceremony coming up and I personally can’t wait to see the journey the Demi Lovato hosted show will take us on 15 November.

The music performances have not lacked in any way during self-distanced awards, Doja Cat’s creativity in her performances the last couple of weeks has been a treat for all her fans around the world and I’m looking forward to the Belieber fest that E! PCA’s has promised us. Justin Bieber made a comeback right at the beginning of the pandemic so we haven’t been able to see much live performances from him, I can’t wait for this Sunday to see what Justin has in store for us, crossing my fingers that he’ll perform Holy and Intentions! The talented Do It duo that is Chloe x Halle will also bless us with an electrifying performance, and with the performances they’ve given us this year - we know we’re in store for the best.

One thing that we can all agree on is that social media has definitely created more inclusivity - awards of all kinds are an event where stars and audiences get together to celebrate art. Social media created a space where people from anywhere in the world can participate in (and in some cases influence) something that they are passionate about. Whatever qualms some might have about the rise of digital media that is one positive cultural impact.

The E! People's Choice Awards will be broadcast live from Barker Hangar in Santa Monica on Sunday, November 15, E! (DStv Channel 124) starting at 04:00am CAT, with E! Live from the Red Carpet: The 2020 E! People’s Choice Awards coverage hosted by Giuliana Rancic kicking off at 02:00am CAT.

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