Start-Ups, #YouthMonth and COVID-19

To thrive in a changing world of communications, Total Exposure has had to reinvent itself.

This Youth Month we’ve looked at how local start-ups have prepared themselves for success in a post-COVID-19 South Africa.

In April, Bloomberg reported that South Africa’s initial three-week lockdown had cost 370,000 formal-sector jobs and caused 1,600 businesses to close. In another article, Bloomberg then shared predictions that two fifths of businesses may not have the money to continue operating. Yet, local start-ups are finding solutions to the current crisis by improving communication, sustaining employee well-being and even building new business ventures.

  • Apps like Slack offer your teams a way of connecting without annoying each other

  • Honest social media storytelling can turn your challenges into points of authenticity

  • Company newsletters could boost morale if you have the right team updates

Cape Town startup Aerobotics is now fully remote, across all of its international work spaces. They provide intelligent tools for optimal crop farming practices. Likewise, they’re using tools to improve their communication with each other.

Aerobotics founder, Benji Meltzer, spoke with Offerzen about how Aerobotics is taking to help their teams thrive while working remotely. Benji’s teams use Slack to communicate with each other, and by downloading calendar integrations into the app they know when a teammate is available to talk, without having to message them and put pressure on replying immediately.

“Because it’s linked to your calendar, it sends a message notifying whoever is trying to contact you that you’re busy until 2pm, for example, and then they know when would be a good time to reach out.” - Benji Meltzer

South Africa's first township-based mobile network provider, Kasi Mobile, has built their business during the lockdown. Lebogang Mokubela, founder and CEO, said to BizCommunity that ‘lockdown conditions’ had been embedded into their business model. They’ve kept all their operations digital and partnered with a leading courier company to handle all their physical deliveries. They’ve also kept true to their story and publicly broadcasted how they’ve been mitigating their challenges.

“The truth is if you have been raised in a township you have the greatest advantages. You understand the challenges of our people so you are capable of building products and services that truly speak to that” - Lebogang Mokubela

Shifttech develop and support cutting edge software for online gaming platforms. Their managing director, John Mac Pherson, told Offerzen how their newsletters now dedicate a section to team updates and acknowledge individuals for their contributions. Last month, team members donated petrol money, helped underserved community outreach groups and fostered shelter animals.

“Efforts like this that highlight the humans that make up our company really stand out for me. They set the tone for how I want to lead my team, both during this crisis and going forward.”

If you’re a start-up with a story to sell, or even a more established company that’s ready to try new tools to improve your business results, get in touch with us.

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