PR client services from the frontline – 5 rules we apply

With over 20 years of being in business, we’ve dealt with people from all walks of life: from within our borders and across the continent, to talent and cultures as far as the United States, UK and Europe. We’ve worked with media, artists, promoters and executives in the lifestyle realm, touching on music, technology, television, as well as fashion, fine art, dance, award shows, festivals and so much more. And the one key common success factor is: service to the client.

It’s easy to say that we need to know and understand our clients, that we need to engage with 100% commitment. Often, engagement is a term used lightly: to refer to liking, sharing, commenting etc. However from a PR perspective, engagement requires expertise, experience and empathy in advising and counselling clients.

Above: (Part 1) Diane Chidrawi’s client service process, as expressed through bitmojis

2020 demanded we up our game across the board and lean in to our 5 best practice tips for servicing clients

1. transparency - be clear, concise and honest with clients, telling them what they need to know. This builds security.

2. empathy - a crucial part that any team manager will use to inevitably get results. Without being able to read situations, and provide regular feedback, we will get nowhere.

3. self awareness - this allows for us to distinguish and define the roles between us and our clients. We don’t 100% know their business, but by listening to their insights allows us to better determine what they wish for us to achieve.

4. context - a tricky one - we all have lives outside of our day to day work. We all have bad days - never let this come into the workplace. Analyse it, work it out, see the problem in the bigger picture and align on what needs to be done. The client will always turn to us for answers.

5. flexibility which is probably one of the most important factors in the relationship - be mindful that you’re the counsellor and analyst. You’re on call. But within reason.

Above: (Part 2) Diane Chidrawi’s client service process, as expressed through bitmojis

One of our core values as a business is building relationships – they are the foundation that will steer you through both good times and bad. It is the foundation upon which all good businesses are built. And without clients, we have no business.

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