John Legend Talks To Apple Music

John Legend Tells Apple Music About How He’s Coping At Home, Working With Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Frank Ocean, and Kanye West, and the Challenge of Releasing New Music

John Legend joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music to run through his ‘At Home With’ playlist. He tells Apple Music about how he’s coping at home, working with Aretha Franklin, playing piano on Lauryn Hill’s“Everything is Everything”, working with Frank Ocean and a young Kanye West, and how he feels about releasing new music at this time, and more. 

John Legend Tells Apple Music About The Musician’s Perspective on This Time…

Well, it's an interesting time for musicians. So much of what we do requires other people being around, and as much as we want to connect to people it's not as easy to do it this way as it would be otherwise, but we're trying to make the most of it and we've been trying to help people get through this time by giving them some music, some inspiration, spreading some love. We're just hoping everybody stays safe and stays healthy, and we all get through this, and then we can go back to getting together for concerts and doing all the things that we love doing with our audiences.

John Legend Tells Apple Music About Having a Good Time at Home With Chrissy and the Kids…

Yeah, the kids, I think they love it. They're so used to daddy going to the studio or daddy going to film The Voice, or going away for a couple of days and do some shows. I think they love that I'm home so much and that mom is home much too, so they're loving it. I like to work and I like to go away to write, and I like to go away to record and do all the things that I do for a living, but we're just waiting until the time is right for that to happen again, and in the meantime, I really am enjoying hanging out with the kids. We're having a good time.

John Legend Tells Apple Music About Playing Curtis Mayfield’s ’Superfly’ During The Birth of His Daughter, Luna…

Well, this song I love, first of all, and it's on a lot of my playlists, but the reason why it's even more significant to me is cause it was playing when my daughter was born, my first born child.So it's a very resonant song with me for that reason as well, but it always had been prior to her being born, which is why it was playing when she was born but it just- I had a playlist and I was just playing stuff, and you never know when she's actually going to emerge, and that's when she emerged, was Superfly. And my wife actually liked me playing music during that time because the guy doesn't really have much to do in that scenario and she wanted some music that was a little more uptempo, and Curtis Mayfield was one of those artists that I played. 

John Legend Tells Apple Music About Working With Aretha Franklin…

Yeah, I got to write for her and record with her. We did a song called What Y'All Came To Do. She was looking for an uptempo song, and it was pretty amazing. We recorded together in New York, and she famously likes to have the studio very warm so we were all sweating in there, it was like 87 degrees inside-But she sounded fantastic as usual, and it was an honor to even just be in her presence.It's just amazing to be around someone who's so good at what they do and also has that level of confidence. She knew what she wanted. She came in there with a sense of her own direction. She didn't need a lot of direction from me. It was just amazing to watch a master at work.

John Legend Tells Apple Music About Playing Piano on Lauryn Hill's “Everything Is Everything”…

I played on Lauryn Hill's Everything Is Everything. So I'm part of the piano hip hop pantheon now I guess. Oh, it was incredible. I was at the beginning of my music career. I was a student still in college. I was about 19 years old. I had met her through a friend of mine who sang with her named Tara Michelle. And they had gone to high school together and known each other through that. She was like, "You got to come hang out with me in the studio with Lauryn. She's working on her solo album and I'd love for you to meet her and maybe get a chance to work with her." And so that's what we did. And it was such an important album for so many artists of my generation I think. We were all pushed and inspired by the work that she did. And I think if you look at people like me or Kanye or so many other artists on the soul side and on the hip hop side, I think looked at that as an album that made us want to create. So I was honored to be there. I didn't know that it was going to be that important when we were working on it. But wow was it.

John Legend Tells Apple Music About Working With A Young Kayne West...

"By the time he came out and really started to blossom as an artist, it was just a phenomonal thing to be a part of, and it put me on a pathway to be able to release my own music as a solo artist and have the career I've had”.

John Legend Tells Apple Music About Meeting and Working With Frank Ocean…

I met him as a writer. He was writing for other artists and he wrote a song for me on my Evolver album called Quickly. And I didn't even meet him when I had cut the song. I cut the song, me and Brandy sang it together and it was on my Evolver album, but I had not met him at that point. But at some point Tricky Stewart brought me in the studio and he said, "I want you to write with this guy I've been working with named Lonny Breaux." And we wrote with him and we hit it off good vibes in the studio. He had like a mystery about him. And I think that's part of what his appeal is to the masses is that he's just kind of mysterious. You don't know a lot about him as a person, but he writes these really beautiful introspective songs with incredible lyrics and these interesting arrangements. I think that sense of mystery is what is part of his appeal. And he's also just really good at what he does. It kind of creeps in because sometimes you'll listen to the records on first listen and they don't, there's nothing like especially catchy about them. You're not like, "This is going to be a smash hit or something like that." But they just kind of creep into your psyche and they just live with you and you find yourself humming them in all kinds of different moments in your life and it's really powerful music in that way.

John Legend Tells Apple Music How He Feels About Releasing New Music at This Time…

Yeah, it's hard. I think it's kind of risky to put it out now because it's like, "Are you going to maximize its potential if you put it out during this time or should you just wait?" But then the artist in you, you know you spend all this time on a project, it's like waiting to be heard. And I can't imagine waiting another year until we have a vaccine and everybody feels completely safe. It just feels like by that point I'll have inspiration to write some more stuff and it might create a whole new album. I don't want to not put this one out that I worked most of 2019 on it. So it's hard. It's hard for everybody to figure it out. It may not do as well as it normally would have done, but part of me is just like, "It needs to be out.”

John Legend Tells Apple Music About James Blake…

I love James. I've loved him since his first album. We're friends now. I've texted him about this song and how much I love this song. I love the lyric of it because it feels like you're surrendering to love, and it feels very honest. And I love the classic feel of it. One of the things I loved growing up was Nat King Cole and the great song book of that era that Ella would sing or Nat King Cole would sing or Louis Armstrong would play and sing. Those artists were always so important to me, and that style of music was so important. And this feels like it's kind of a throwback to that. The melody, the string arrangement, it's just very nostalgic. And I've listened to that song, outside of my own album, getting it ready for release and all that and listening to mixes and everything, I think I've listened to that song more in the last 12 months than any other song because it just gives me a good feeling.

John Legend Tells Apple Music About Cooking and His Recipes Landing in Chrissy’s Books…

Oh, I can cook all over the place. I'm good on the griddle and the grill and I can do whatever I need to do. I don't make up a lot of recipes, but I'm good at following a recipe and executing very well. Then occasionally I'll write my own recipe. Well, nothing you know, invented. It's just my own variation. Like I have my own fried chicken, I have my own mac and cheese that I make. They're all in Chrissy's books.

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