By Katlego Maifadi

Freedom, that's the first word that comes to mind when I think of the word freelancer. It always seems like a space where you will be able to spend your time doing the things you love and have total control of your time. However, you cannot mention that word without the word ‘uncertainty’ following it.

This became a reality for me in the first part of the global pandemic; all prospects of generating income and growing the Carve Africa brand quickly turned to ten months of “unemployed self-employment” - I doubt that term exists but that was my reality.

The best pro about freelancing is having my digital agency and media platform business and being able to showcase the beauty in creativity through a collective of like minded young creatives. However, the COVID-19 pandemic came with the toughest sharp turns.

The 2020 strategy changed and so did I, some amazing concepts were formulated and implemented in those moments. It was hard to let go and see new ways of creating content; but I could not imagine a crash, so I had to adapt, that is how we switched to the podcasting lane.

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PR companies like Total Exposure have adapted well to remote working conditions and employ freelancers to work on global brand campaigns. This is a great advantage for both parties as the freelancer finds a more stable position and the company gets a new perspective to this dynamic team.

This perfect balance that allows you to be in the forefront and still continue to carve out the dream is ideal. There is trial and error in finding this creative balance and working remotely has become beneficial for the desired multiple stream income prospects.

This lane has no rush hour traffic and no office distractions, however the speed required to cruise in this fast lane meant creating new ways of operating.

I live on the clock system, every task is added to a to-do list with a timer on when it should be done: I try to stick to it. It’s a constant struggle of formulating a healthy balanced routine.

In hard lockdown many people introduced new habits that have continued to live within their new normal lifestyle, for me that has to be the remote workout sessions; my mind needs exercise to blow off some steam. Fortunately tools such as Zoom have enabled me to train with Guinness World Record Holder and Freestyle footballer, Khris Njokwana who trains me three times a week.

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I recently went through the most turbulent season where I lost two of the most important people in my life earlier this year; just as I returned to this amazing world of PR. The remote working structure from Total Exposure allows me to go through my healing and still know that there is a team that supports me through all the challenges I face at times - the perfect balance of teamwork.

In celebration of Worker’s month - I salute all the freelancers that are finding their gears and indicating to the fast lane that you might sometimes be stuck on the side of the road, but when you do what you love the roadside assistance will be there to help back up in no time.

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Launched in 1995 and reimagined in 2019 Total Exposure remains one of the leading consumer communications consultancies in the country. Our ability to build deeply integrated campaigns across owned earned and paid media has earned us the trust of leading brands globally.

Our fluency in strategy, public relations, social media, influencer marketing and experiences runs deep and allows us to execute campaigns that get our clients noticed. Again and again. And that is what helps them grow.

We love what we do.

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