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CASE STUDY: Ballantine's


our client’s brands alive

during tough times

To help Ballantine’s tackle one of its industry’s toughest challenges, the Covid-19 alcohol ban, we created a media engagement plan that involved live stream events featuring some of South Africa’s top talent. This resulted in strengthened media relationships, credibility and media coverage.


Ballantine's is a range of Blended Scotch whiskies produced by Pernod Ricard in Dumbarton, Scotland. Ballantine’s found itself challenged when the South African government announced a lockdown due to Covid-19 and a ban on the sale of alcohol. Ballantine’s has always been a brand that has established itself as more than just alcohol through its True Music efforts.


When the lockdown was announced Total Exposure proactively put together a plan which will ensure that the brand has media presence and is not forgotten. Total Exposure created a media engagement plan which included: social media live streaming events featuring international and local artists, media alerts and press releases.


The media engagement resulted in 40 media stories with a reach of 8 million, positive reinforcement from the media through feedback given and our efforts in generating publicity coupled with paid social media posts around the live stream events secured an average viewership of 300 people for each show.

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