Coast AustraliaEpisode 1 - Kimberley

Published on February 27th, 2017 | by Theo Nel


TV: Travel down under to Coast Australia on BBC Earth

Start: 07 March 2017

Continues: Tuesdays at 18:30

BBC Earth channel 184 on DStv

Historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver captures the most interesting stories around the edge of this vast island continent.

He’s joined by palaeontologist explorer Professor Tim Flannery, marine ecologist Professor Emma Johnston, landscape architect Brendan Moar, historian Dr Alice Garner and marine scientist, Dr Dean Miller.

In this series Neil takes in wild places including the remote Kimberley coast and Lord Howe Island. He discovers the rare naval trick Captain James Cook used to save his ship when it became wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef and he encounters the mighty orca off the coast of Western Australia.

Other highlights include a bizarre bubble-gum pink lake on Western Australia’s Middle Island, a surprising Cornish heritage in South Australia’s ‘Copper Triangle’ and the albatross on the windswept Bass Strait that are assisting science.


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