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This festive season, summer time is lime time with Absolut’s first new flavoured vodka in four years, Absolut Lime.

Johannesburg 8 November 2017: Nearly 30 years after launching Absolut Citron, the top-selling lemon flavoured vodka, the brand finally perfects the recipe for Absolut Lime, a lime flavoured vodka made with natural ingredients. Fresh and fruity with a distinct note of freshly pressed lime, Absolut Lime is perfect for refreshing drinks that taste like expertly crafted cocktails.

In the four years since Absolut last released a flavour, many vodka brands have released many overly-sweet, artificially flavoured vodkas.

However, as Absolut Brand Ambassador Kresan Naidu, puts it: “Vodka-drinkers are looking for natural flavors and refreshing drinks. And Absolut Lime really meets this need and is the perfect choice for classic vodka drinks with a refreshing twist. It’s definitely’ Lime time this summer.” It’s no wonder, Absolut flavours are iconic amongst the bartender community. Absolut Citron and Absolut Peppar have become key ingredients in 2 of the world’s most iconic cocktails, the Cosmopolitan and Bloody Mary respectively. Absolut flavours win, whether enjoyed at home or brought to the party.


As Absolut’s Director of sensory Design, Per Hermansson noted, “I’ve created many flavoured vodka’s in my 30-year career, however, perfecting the complexity of lime has always been a challenge. The blend we’re crafted for Absolut Lime achieves everything we were looking for, offering a full-bodied character that is both complex and refreshing, and like all Absolut flavours, made from natural ingredients with no added sugar.”

Absolut Lime’s dynamic flavour will give even the simplest drinks a rich character that is full bodied, yet refreshing. For more inspiration on how to get your Lime Time experience this summer with Absolut Lime in refreshing cocktails, visit Absolut.com and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
Try the following easy-to-mix drinks for a great start of your lime-time experience this summer.


Absolute Lime and Soda:
Add 2oz Absolut Lime over ice in a highball glass, top up with soda. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Absolut Lime Drop:
2oz Absolut Lime, 1 lime juice, .75 simple syrup. Shake all ingredients with ice until cold, strain into a shot glass. Sugared lime wedge on the side.

Absolut Lime Mule:
2oz Absolut Lime, ½ lime squeezed and dropped I, ginger beer.
Squeeze in a half lime into a silver mule mug. Add ice, absolute Lime, and top up with ginger beer.

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